Thursday, 29 April 2010

Your Face Shape Determines the Best Hair Band For You

Have you tried alice bands in the past and just decided they look too schoolgirlish for you? Don't give up! Hair bands are not just for the young. A beautifully made hair band can look more sophisticated than a fascinator for a formal event, while a smart simple style can easily be worn to work or out to dinner.

Like choosing the right clothes for your body shape, hair accessories - and headbands in particular - need to be chosen to complement the shape of your face. This is definitely one accessory where you should not be led by fashion. Stocking up on good quality hair bands when your ideal width is on-trend will make sure you have a ready "wardrobe" for your hair for work, weekends and formal occasions.

Learn How To Choose the Right Width for You
Watch this video about how to use hair bands in the wider styles, and learn whether a wide or skinny style will more flattering for you.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Expensive Salon Treatments to Battle Frizz. Do they work?

Restoring Health To Your Hair With Nanotechnology
… and Leaving Your Purse Significantly Lighter

There’s an incredible breakthrough in hair care science that you can only get through a few salons and it’s called NanoKeratin, developed by a company called Tanagra. NanoKeratin promises to permanently restore damaged hair by replacing the broken keratin fibres in your hair using nanotechnology.

What happens?
There are a number of variations on the therapy, but here is the most involved one.

Your therapist spreads your hair out on a plate, sprays your hair with the NanoKeratin “mist” (full of nano particles of keratin) and then brushes your hair with a ceramic brush. I haven’t had it done (I’ve got better things to do with a couple hundred pounds myself), but I will tell you that your hair will feel wonderful after this. But the effect is not permanent. The salons will recommend that for the treatment to be completely effective, you should have it done at least three times. Then the repair will be permanent.

Uh, no it won’t.

What has really happened.
Your therapist is surrounding your hair with a low level electromagnetic field (like the charge that builds up when you scuff your slippers along your carpet). The electrical charge ‘wants’ to be earthed and so is attracted to your hair. Your hair has its own magnetic field, and sites where the cuticle is damaged have a positive charge. These damaged points on your hair attract the negative electric charge from the plate.

Certain very effective conditioning chemicals used in all hair conditioners bond particularly well to negative ions, so they are attracted in greater clumps to the damaged sites, layering lots of slippery molecules over these sites along your hair.

The fact your hair is being brushed with a ceramic brush is bordering on silliness, but you could argue that any other material used in the treatment would neutralise the electromagnetic magic that’s going on between the plate and your hair. But personally I think Tanagra wanted some other piece of kit to sell to the salon.

When the treatment is finished, your hair will feel fantastic, no question. One way to replicate the NanoKeratin treatment yourself is to rub a balloon all over your head until your hair stands up. Then slather conditioner everywhere, leave for about 30 minutes, and rinse. Your hair will feel fantastic and it will make your children laugh their heads off.

More sensibly, but a bit messy, you can achieve the same results as the salon treatment by pouring olive oil (or any other vegetable oil you like, but olive oil has some nice conditioning qualities to it) on your hair and sitting in the sun or a hot bath for about an hour or more. Shampoo the oil out and your hair will feel AMAZING.

Then if you could just send me a cheque for £200 each time you do this, that would be great. Thanks.

Why all the science fiction?
Your hair is built mostly from keratin, but your hair is dead. You cannot add keratin to your hair any more than you can add protein to a cooked egg (except some bacon and a little brown sauce … mmm … I digress).

What about the nano particles? Don’t they get inside your hair? Your hair is very porous and all kinds of good and bad things can get inside your hair, including salt, hair dye pigments, water molecules, chlorine and all kinds of conditioning molecules.

Here’s a scientific fact Tanagra wouldn’t expect you to know, which is that most molecules could be classified as nano particles, but no scientist worth her protective goggles would refer to them as such. Anyway, what goes in can also go out. How long something stays in your hair depends on how “sticky” that particular molecule is, but sooner or later, it will either fall out or be washed out.

Nano technology has existed in scientific knowledge since ancient times. It is being used to truly good effect in the gas, metal and petroleum industries. It is not being put to any use whatsoever in the hair care industry with regards to conditioning or "rebuilding" hair. And if you hear otherwise, let me know. I’ll go check it out for you.