Monday, 21 February 2011

Only If You've Got Hair That is Fine "But A Lot Of It" ...

Hair Clips That Will Work For Your Hair All This Week

Learn which hair clips are perfect for you.
Last month I did a series of videos giving my top recommended hair clips for thick hair, as well as hair accessories for fine hair.

If you missed these and want to see them again, follow these links for the full series:

Hair Clips for Thick Hair
Hair Accessories for Fine Hair

However, I've had requests to make a series for women who have hair that is "fine but a lot of it"

This type of hair has it's own special problems, but we at Stone Bridge have a lot of experience with this hair type.

So this week will be all about you. Every day from Wednesday I will be sending you a new video showing you my personal recommendations for your type of hair.

These aren't me showing you a clip, saying how great it is, you should buy it.


I will walk you through the design elements of my recommended hair accessories so you will know now and forever what to look for in choosing a hair clip that will be successful in your hair.

Never choose another crappy clip again for your hair. Sign up here to make sure you don't miss a single video:

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Fine But A Lot Of It Video Series

I don't want to bother the entire world with these videos.

This is only for you if you've got fine hair, but a lot of it, if it gets on your nerves and you want to learn more detailed information about how to choose a hair clip that will really work for you.

Stick your info in the boxes above, and I'll speak to you again on Wednesday. See you then!

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