Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The Looped French Pleat with 2 Sterling Silver Hair Sticks

Introducing another way to form your French Pleat, particularly good for longer hair

I've had to look extraordinarily smart and pulled together the past few weeks for a bunch of high level, high stakes meetings.

So, I've been wearing my Top Guns of the Stone Bridge range of hair accessories:

Our Pur Sterling Silver Hair Sticks.

These sticks are seriously the business, so I thought I'd do a little video for you.

There are a couple important things I wanted to share with you.

First, if you've got quite long hair, aiming around brastrap length or longer, I'll show you a new way to form a French Pleat that is super duper easy.

I call this the Looped French Pleat.

Second, when you've got a lot of hair so that you end up with a pretty big, fat pleat (is it appropriate to say "My Big Fat Gypsy Pleat? Probably not...), I show you how to effectively use two hair sticks in a configuration that you'll need to try out for yourself.

Not only will it give you a rock solid hold - you can't have your hair falling down in the middle of a shareholder presentation now can you? - with our Pur Sterling Silver Hair Sticks it looks pretty darn ... expensive.

And classy.

Without looking flashy.

Enjoy your video!

Pur Sterling Silver Hair Stick

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