Monday, 17 March 2014

Smart Ponytail Style Which Adds Fullness To Your Profile

Skip the slicked back look and try this softer, fuller ponytail style

Try this classic, easy style with our Classic French Barrettes
Sometimes the tight ponytail is best left for the catwalk.

Hair trends this year are heading for softer, more casual shapes.

This style is one I demonstrated a number of years ago and is one I personally wear a lot just because I don't like the shape of my head!

Here I show a super easy trick for how you can play with the shape of your profile that also gives the appearance of more fullness.

Have a watch, then give it a go with your own hair to see if it works for you.


Barrette Ponytail With A Bouffed (Fuller) Back

Hair Clips Used In This Video

Fiori Crystal Large Barrette (Sorry, sold out!)
Classic Wide Barrette (Sorry, sold out!) Try our Classic Oval Barrette

Other Barrettes Great For This Style

For Thick Hair: 
Galaxy Crystal Large Barrette (Sorry, sold out!) Try our Trientale Crystal Large Barrette
Cocodrille Large Barrette (Sorry, sold out!) Try our Rectangle Large Barrette
Oriente Large Barrette

For Medium to Fine Hair:
Sakura Bloom Barrette
Marble Barrette
Watercolour Barrettes (Sorry, sold out!) Try our Arc Oval Medium Barrette

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