Monday, 20 October 2014

Don't be Frightened... It's Just Me With Frizzy Hair

One Surprising Reason You Might Have Frizzy Hair

We're building up to Halloween, so I thought I'd share one of my most popular videos from the archives with you.

It has always generated a lot of emails and comments, and if you have alway wondered why your hair  might go frizzy, like, all the time, this might be a clue.

Warning: you may need a cushion handy for hiding your eyes during the scary bits!

* ~ * ~ *

I had a leeetle bit of time this weekend before meeting my friends for lunch, so I thought I'd experiment with my hair.

My children were frightened.

The youngest was quiet for a minute and said, "Are you able to put it back the way it was?"

Bless her.

So don't watch this video if you are of a delicate nature.

Enjoy ... so to speak, *ahum*.

One Reason You Might Have Frizzy Hair

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