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Want Your Own £500 Hamper of Stone Bridge Hair Clips? Join Our Challenge!

100 Pleats in 100 Days, and the Goodies Are Yours

Fiori Swarovski Crystal Large Barrette
Want to get good at putting your hair up? Want a luxury shed-load of hair accessories for free as a reward? Then you are going to love joining us in our latest project!

The past several months, here in the office Claire and I have been doing creative challenges just for fun. Claire has made a whole lot of cakes, sewn a whole lot of clothes and also managed to learn how to ride a bike so well that she now cycles to work every day.

I, on the other hand, have taken over 1000 photographs, started drawing so much I now have a table dedicated only to sketching, and managed to also illustrate and design a book which is at the publishers at this very moment.

We've had so much fun, we thought we'd try our very own hair clip version and, to make it more like a community, invite nice people like yourself to join in.

The Challenge: 100 Pleats, 100 Days

The challenge is to put your hair up in a French pleat every day, for 100 days. Take a picture of your work, post it to the social media channel of your choice (Don't worry - we can help you with that part!), and at the end of 100 Days we will send you a luxury hamper of Stone Bridge hair accessories worth over £500.

It costs nothing to take part, and I guarantee your hair-putting-up skills will improve enormously.

Which will be great, because you will want to make the most of the lovely Stone Bridge treats you will have most certainly have earned.

** Register Now! **

Why Take Part?

Getting good at a skill, or improving a skill takes practice. If you can practice a little bit every day, after a while you are going to be pretty awesome.

We get a lot, and I mean A LOT, of calls from people who want to try a different style of clip but aren't sure if they'll be able to master switching from a claw to a barrette, or even to a u pin or hair stick.

This is understandable. Changing your normal routine is hard, and because I can't come over to your house and coach you, it is tricky figuring out how to make a technique work for your hair all on your own.

This is where the 100 Pleats, 100 Days can help you.

Every day, all you have to do is get your hair up for the few seconds you need to take a picture. Your hair doesn't need to look wonderful, we just want to encourage you to practice and try.

Every time you try, you will learn something new about your hair. The better you get at working with your own hair, the more confidence you'll have to play with your style and try all kinds of new things.

Small changes, every day, will add up to big changes over time.

Claire and I will be doing the 100 Pleats, 100 Days Challenge as well so we can share our experiences as a group. By taking part and taking pictures, we will be able to see the difficulties you might be having and provide advice and encouragement.

You don't have to use our hair accessories, you don't even have to use normal accessories. If you want to be creative and use pencils, wooden spoons and  greenery from the garden, go for it! It's all in the name of fun with hair. We applaud creativity!

Best of all, once you complete the 100 Days we will send you a completely free £500 Stone Bridge hamper. No competition, who has the best hair, none of that. We are just so glad you're taking part and having fun with your hair.

So, to summarise, the benefits of registering are:

  • Daily practice will improve your skills enormously
  • Join in with others to form a, yes, rather eccentric mini community
  • Receive feedback, advice and encouraging pats on the back from Stone Bridge
  • Grow in self-confidence
  • Get a £500 Luxury Hair Accessories hamper completely for Free

And, remember, it costs absolutely nothing to take part.

What Do I Have To Do To Participate?

Participating is super easy. To be part of the 100 Pleats, 100 Days Challenge all you need to do is:

  1. Register your name and contact details* by clicking Here
  2. On official Day 1, 22 September, put your hair in a French Pleat and take a picture of your hair.
  3. Post your daily French Pleat to your favourite social media channel.
  4. Or, send your photo to us, and we'll create your channel for you - your privacy will be protected!
  5. Tag your posts with #stonebridgehair and #100pleats so we can find them.
  6. Do this every day until Day 100, which is 31 December - New Year's Eve!

Don't Worry!

  • We won't use your information to spam you and send you annoying stuff.
  • We won't reveal your identity or any of your information.
  • We won't steal your pictures and put them on a billboard or anything sleazy.
  • We're not doing this to be sneaky or underhand. It's just good fun.
  • If we upset you in any way, you can ring my mother and complain and I will get a proper earful, don't worry. She is on your side!
  • It's not a contest, so there are no losers. Hooray!
  • You don't have to use any Stone Bridge products to participate.
  • And if you'd like to have a little French Pleat kit, we've got a great bundle offer for you priced at just £99, up to 30% off our regular retail price, an amazing opportunity to start building your Stone Bridge collection.

How Do I Sign Up?

Sign up* is simple. Click this link to let us know you're taking part.

We'll be in touch with more information about how to tag your pictures and how you can reach us if you have any difficulties or questions.

I Want A £99 French Pleat Kit!

We've got a kit for every hair type. Click now to order your kit today:

100 Pleats, 100 Days - Fine Hair
100 Pleats, 100 Days - Medium Hair
100 Pleats, 100 Days - Thick Hair

Not sure which kit will work for you? Email us at and we will make sure you've got all the right stuff.

*Hamper offer open to UK residents only.

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